You Don't Get What You Deserve. You Get What You Ask For!

You were born with a destiny. Your job is to discover it. Once you begin to practice the art and science of asking to discover your destiny and start to move toward it, you can manifest innumerable blessings for yourself and others.

This isn’t a complicated process; in fact, it’s a simple gift that lies dormant within you. Once you learn to access that gift, everything changes for the better. Ask! will help you access your hidden dreams and reveal them to be recognized and fulfilled in miraculous ways.


If you’re not getting what you want in life, it’s probably because you don’t know how to ASK

Learn the 7 Secrets to Creating the Levels of Success and Happiness You've Always Dreamed Of...

Inside of Ask! You'll Learn to...

  • Identify and eliminate the roadblocks, so nothing stands in the way of your success [page 5]

  • Overcome the fear of Asking, so that you can be unstoppable [page 15]

  • How to overcome "pattern paralysis" - habits that keep us from from repeating the same disappointing patterns [page 17]

  • The "one question" that can pivot your entire career, even when you're uncertain or overwhelmed [page 172]

  • How to harness your creative power of asking [page 53]

  • The four elements to put into practice to help fortify your results [page 94]

  • Nurture intimate relationships and improve your communication with the people you love [page 112]

  • Opening the "I deserve more" door [page 114]

  • Understanding the correct process of asking [page 116]

  • Discover what you really want before you ask [ page 120]

  • Experience your dream relationships, built on dynamic love and harmony [page 135]

  • Master your health with the right questions [page 141]

  • How to retrain your palate and listen to your body [page 155]

  • Ask to accelerate business and how much you earn [page 172]

  • Become a profitable innovator, tapping income from your ideas and imagination [page 184]

  • The four parts of masterful asking [page 212]

  • Learn to use the "Question-Switch Technique" when faced with important decision [page 214]

  • Discover and manifest your destiny, to express the greatest version of you [page 227]

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Your dreams become your destiny when you learn the secret art of ASKING.

Most people have beautiful dreams deep inside - the things they would like to have, the relationships they would love to enjoy, and the wellness and well-being that would help them express their best, in every way.

But those dreams lie buried inside of us. Hidden by fear or unworthiness or a lack of awareness of what could be. Asking is the only language to which the Universe can deliver a solution, understanding, illumination, or plan. Let us show you how...

What the Experts Say About Ask!

Ed Mylett


Iconic legend Mark Victor Hansen and his incredible wife Crystal teach you how to ask the right questions. To ask for what you want! What an honor to share time with Mark and Crystal in my podcast episode. Mark and Crystal explore this topic in great detail. They simplify what is SO difficult for people who can’t ASK FOR HELP in their lives. I read this in two days and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

Susan Sly


Wherever you are, be excited! Over 70 years these two incredible individuals have been serving the world with their life’s work! If you own a business this book, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny is the perfect thing to give to your staff right now. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you have a direct sales business, buy this book for your top leaders! Crystal and Mark, I thank you for everything you’re doing in the world! I’m going to buy a whole bunch of ASK! books and give them to everyone I care about!

Rebecca Zung


If you’re feeling like you just can’t ever get the relationship you want, the finances you want, or the well-being you want, then you must get a copy of the book ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. #1 New York Times bestseller Mark Victor Hansen and his wife Crystal Dwyer Hansen share all the secrets of how to unlock the power of the universe by knowing how to ask for what you want!

Adam Carolla


In the book they've written together, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, Mark Victor Hansen, and his wife Crystal Dwyer Hansen, talk about the power of asking and how we all need to steer away from the fear of looking uneducated or misinformed and instead look at asking as an opportunity to grow. Doing your best work and doing it on a consistent basis and learning to communicate with your boss are a few of the great lessons you learn by learning how to ASK and listen for the answers. I recommend getting this book and learning the art and science of asking that most people struggle with!

John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur On Fire

With their book ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen deliver unbelievable value bombs! They teach you how to increase your chances of getting your requests granted by 80%. They teach you how learning how to ask the right way can make you more likeable to your business colleagues, friends, and love interests. They teach you to step on your fear and crush it by using the right ASKING techniques. You become like the people you hang out with. Call to action! Get this book and become a Master Asker!

"Everyone needs to learn to ASK! It’s fundamental to all business success! My kids will be reading this one!"

Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Enterprises, author of The 10X Rule

What Others Are Saying...

(Real Amazon Reviews)

K.W. Michelle

I loved this book! It was inspiring, and it got me excited about trying to find a better path for my life. The stories really moved me, and I sort of felt myself living through some of the stories and the way people found a way through their struggles to a better place. It also gave me some useful practical advice.

Joe Soto

Who would have thought that the simple word "ASK" can have so much meaning and impact in our lives? This book is a masterclass on the art of asking and it's deep and rich in information and application.

Jeff Rivera

This is an excellent book and exactly what the world needs right now. Many people, including myself, have gone through periods of their life when they are afraid of asking for something... this book helped me realize the seven roadblocks to asking and how I can first of all become aware of them when they pop up and then how to overcome them.

Pamela Aubrey

What a huge impact this book has had in my life. I don't know how many times I just broke down crying as I read it. I realized that this was the "guide" I've been asking my angels for to know how to proceed in this new space of expansion I have found myself in. All of the sudden I had a new awareness of what questions to ask, and seeing how many were being answered in the form of this book was nothing short of a miracle.

Dave Sanderson

Mark and Crystal ASK the most important people the most critical question, and that is what their book ASK resonates. Sometimes the most straightforward answers are right there, and by reading this book, you will be able to get to the core quickly. Success leaves Clues. Outstanding!

Scott K.

This is simply an extraordinary book. As with all of Mark Hansen’s books “ASK” is inspirational, but this book goes much further than simply inspiring you, it gives you a road map, directions to fulfill your destiny, This book tells you how to follow a path, not to chase your dream but to live it.

Alain Wolf

It's not a typical self-help book. It's amazing! It shows you how to ask yourself, others and god to help you take our life to the next level! It's one of the best books I have ever read!

Dr. Gary McGrath

I can remember my son telling me one day...stop trying to figure out what I am thinking and ASK! Let's take this advice that is expanded in the wonderful book on how and where to ASK! It's all starts by asking go inside and discover what great talents and value we have to offer the world. This book will help you create a practice of greatness for yourself.

Nick P.

So many people underestimate the power of the question. Mark's book puts a bull's eye directly on the importance, and power of the question. If you don't ask... you won't get...

About The Authors

Mark Victor Hansen

Mark is widely known as an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer, author, serial entrepreneur, and member of multiple board of directors. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, with more than 500 million books sold.

In the area of human potential, no one is better known and more respected than Mark Victor Hansen. For more than 44 years, he has focused solely on helping people and organizations reshape their personal vision of what’s possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful change in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur. Her expertise is in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a Transformational Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness, by tapping into their own inner resources. Having personally guided people from seemingly impossible states of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness—to triumph, freedom, and happiness, is what drives Crystal’s conviction that all people have unlimited potential for greatness if they only understand how to access those resources.

Crystal’s research in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics provides the scientific knowledge she uses to help people use their minds proactively and evolve their consciousness to move themselves out of misery and into a fulfilled and happy life.

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